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Virgo Diet Astrology : Astral Sign Food, Health & Wellness Center

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Virgo rules the nervous systems and digestion. Most Virgo personalities suffer from digestive disorders like bloating, gassy stomach, indigestion, ulcers in extreme cases and bowel problems. It is common that Virgo people tend to worry too much about their health. Since Virgo’s ruling planet is also Mercury, they also may suffer from stress and mental tension.

So, what works well for Virgo?
- A daily intake of salt in foods. Lack of salt in diet may cause dandruff, hair loss, eczema acne etc
- Green vegetables, corn, and lemon
- Whole wheat or whole grains bread, wheat germ oil
- Oats, almonds
- Cheese, cottage cheese and oranges,
- Bananas, melons, apples, papaya
- Beef, lamb
- Brown rice, eggs
- Honey instead of sugar

What foods should Virgo personalities avoid?
- Chocolates

What else is good for Virgo people?
- Activities in the sun
- Exercise in moderation
- Drinking lots of water and keeping the body hydrated

Virgo Subdivisions : Decanates of Zodiac Virgo

Monday, August 24th, 2009

The first Subdivision / Decanate of Virgo (0 degrees to 10 degrees)
From August 23rd to September 1st:
Ruler : Mercury
Attributes: Rational problem solving, intellectually stimulating, warm personality, sensitive lover

The second Subdivision / Decanate of Virgo (20 degrees to 30 degrees)
From September 2nd to September 12th:
Ruler: Mercury
Sub – Ruler : Saturn
Attributes: Determination, strength of mind, adaptability, persistence, gentle Lover

The third Subdivision / Decanate of Virgo (20 degrees to 30 degrees)
From September 3rd to September 22nd:
Ruler: Mercury
Sub – Ruler : Venus
Attributes: Strong desire for approval, need to socialize, possess a sense of style, generous lover

The Month of Virgo – 08/23 to 09/22

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Virgo is a very feminine sign and is the sixth sign of the zodiac. People belonging to Virgo are very modest, practical and hard working.

The ruling lord of Virgo is the Mercury. In Astrology Mercury is believed to rule the intellect and bestows one with reasoning power.
This zodiac sign is all about find the truth and being realistic. The opposing sign to Virgo is Pisces, which is about mystery and illusion.

Virgo people are prone to all ailments related to the nervous system and are prone to nervous tension.

Virgo personalities in love give an impression that they are in full control of their own feeling because they are terrified of getting into an emotional state. Emotions to Virgo is something that should be kept private.

The most important quality of Virgo is reliability. Virgo people take their responsibilities very seriously and are very faithful and meeting the expectations planed on them. They have a lot of willpower and dedication and are very hard workers.

The birthstone of Virgo is Sapphire, which is said to provide its wearer calmness of mind.

Popular Virgo personalities include Stephen King, Sean Conory, Keau Reeves and Claudia Schiffer to name a few.

Virgo Compatibility with other zodiac signs

With Aries – Aries is very impulsive whereas Virgo needs time. Aries insists on being the boss and Virgo gets very critical.

With Taurus – Both are thrifty and intellectually compatible.

With Gemini – Both Mercury rules these Zodiac signs and they have a mental approach to life. But both do not find any likeable qualities in each other.

With Cancer – Another good match. Though Cancer is emotional and Virgo is very analytical, Cancer’s struggle for financial security gets good nod of approval from the steady Virgo.

With Leo – Virgo is prudent whereas Leo is a spendthrift. Leo likes to live life at large and Virgo is very conservative.

With Virgo – Both share several similar interests but there will be a constant battle for who gets to be the leader.

With Libra – Virgo finds Libra to be very shallow and too entertainment loving. But Libra may find a way to tap into Virgo’s inner sensibilities and this relationship may not result in any long-term commitments.

With Scorpio – Virgo find comfort in Scorpio’s possessive nature. Both may have trouble expressing their true feelings but eventually they will work things out.

With Sagittarius – Hardworking Virgo fins nothing in common with the adventurous Sagittarius.

With Capricorn – Both are hard working, steady and realistic. This is a goof pair.

With Aquarius – Aquarius is always interested in other people and what they achieve, think and so on.. Virgo is about self-achievement. This pair may not make it.

With Pisces – Pisces is an emotional sign whereas Virgo is a mental sign. This may not be a good match.

2009 Yearly Horoscope AQUARIUS

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Aquarius, Jupiter in the 12th at the beginning of this year may cause expenses to increase in the start of the year. Some disputes may be decided against you. Obstacles may occur in financial matters. Disappointment in new projects and repeated visits to physician may occur. But Jupiter’s movement into your zodiac sign will definitely cause some improvements in health matters. Relatives will keep in touch and create a feel good scenario. But after September, someone senior in your family may pass away. After November you may expect a promotion. But you may have to be careful about what you do. This may not be a good year from a health point of view but it will be favorable for family peace and unity. You may also travel abroad. Your finances may cause some concern. The position of Saturn in 7th may create difference of opinions between you and your spouse. If you are a student however this year may be good for you. Family peace may be disrupted from time to time but extended members of family may come to your rescue and shower their love on you. In December expect some difference of opinions with your children. Professionally this year will be okay until December when you will get recognition for the hard work done. You will also be financially peaceful in December.

Aquarius is an airy sign with the ruling planet Saturn. People born in the sun sign zodiac Aquarius will be progressive with revolutionary ideas.

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