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Let go of your past, Live your present, Be optimistic about the future

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

There is nothing that we can do with our past because it is over, there is only so much we can do to worry about our future because it is not yet here, but there is plenty we can do to enjoy our present because it is now and is happening. Do not dwell on your past too much.

Two monks were on a journey to a monastry in a neighbouring village. Their journey led them through a mountanous terrain with thick forests. They reached a point where they had to cross a river. When they reached the shallowest point in the river they saw a woman standing and contemplating looking at the river. While one monk did not even look her direction, the other monk walked up to her and asked what she was thinking looking at the river. She replied saying she did not know if she had the courage to walk on the rocks and cross the river. The monk did not think further. He just lifted the woman in this strong arms while the other monk watched in shock and started crossing the river with the woman in his arms. When they reached the other side of the river the woman and the monks parted ways with the woman thanking profusely the monk who carried her across the river.

The monks continued with their journey. As they reached the monastry, the monk who did not offer to help the woman turned and asked the monk who did help – “Are you sure you can enter the monastry now? You carried a woman in your arms!”. The monk who helped answered – “I guess that should be okay – I only carried her in my arms and have not thought about her ever since I helped her – but it looks like you have been carrying her in your mind for the rest of our journey – so the better question here is – should you be allowed to enter the monstry?”

Pisces August 2009 Horoscope Astral Signo Horoscopo Zodiaco

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Pisces August 2009 Horoscope Monthly
Pisces in the month of August Mars is in 3rd, Venus is in 4th, Sun is in 5th, Mercury and Saturn are in 6th, Moon is in 9th and Jupiter is in 11th. On 1st job related issues will hold your attention. From 2nd to 4th your networking efforts taken now will payoff in the future. Consult with your trusted friends to make decisions. On 5th and 6th, you may be at a creative high. Also in buying and selling luck may be on your side. On 7th, money that is owed to you will be held up. From 8th to 9th, you may get frustrated with the way thing are. On 10th ad 11th, all your hard work will pay off. On 12th and 13th your worries and tensions may ease. On 14th and 15th, focusing on your work will give you much peace. You will gain much success in all your projects. From 16th to 18th, due to the Moon transit in the 4th you may receive some upsetting news. Heath may cause some troubles. On 19th and 20th people in educational pursuits will achieve moderate to good success. On 21st and 22nd, your mind will be very focused. On 23rd your health will feel some improvement. From 24th to 26th, unexpected events will develop. Don’t mess with other people’s affairs. On 27th and 28th, the tide may flow in your favor. You may complete all your tasks with added enthusiasm. From 29th to 31st your social life will be very active. Make sure to spend time with the family too.

Aquarius 2009 August Horoscope Astral Signo Horoscopo Aquario Zodiaco

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Aquarius 2009 August Monthly Horoscope
Aquarius, for the month of August, Mars is in 4th, Venus is in 5th, Sun is in 6th, Mercury is in 7th, Moon is i 10th and Jupiter is in 12th. On 1st be prepared to adjust with your circumstances. Matters of heart will heal. 2nd ad 3rd is a ideal period to start a new venture. Money inflow will be good. You will also consult with friends ad family to take decisions. From 4th to 6th be careful about what you say otherwise you may get into problems. You may experience some financial difficulties too. From 8th to 9th, all your hard work will be duly rewarded. However you will have do some quick-decision making. Think joint partnerships! two mind working in unison is better than having just one mind working for you. On 10th and 11th, some worries related to family matters will be removed. Career and money matters will gain momentum. On 14th ad 15th, expect some back-stabbing from the least unexpected people. 16th to 18th is ideal for pursuit of knowledge. You may also experience a career change. Keep a cool head. On 19th and 20th new sources of income will open up. You will discover ways to strike a balance between work, family, your expectations and others needs. From 21st to 22nd health conditions will improve. You may have a chance encounter with some who will inspire you. 22nd and 23rd will be period filled with worries and tensions. On 24th and 25th pay attention while you drive. An elderly family member’s health will cause some concerns and will result in a visit to the hospital. On 26th you will be in a mind-set to do some social work. On 29th ad 30th, you will not have any financial worries. On 31st home electronic gadgets will cause undue tension.

Capricorn 2009 August Horoscope Astral Signo Horoscopo Capricornio Zodiaco

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Capricorn 2009 August Horoscopes

Capricorn, for the month of August, Jupiter is in 1st, Mars is in 5th, Venus is in 6th, sun is in 7th, Mercury is in 8th, Moon is in 11th. On 1st, you may be very philosophical and may be in the mind set to do your duty and leave the rest to destiny. You may also find very creative ways to solve all your domestic problems. From 2nd to 4th, your colleagues may betray you. You will be hurt by all their back-biting. On 5th and 6th you may gather the will-power to overcome the hurt and learn to focus on your life. On 7th you will focus on recovering from a long due debt. From 8th to 10th, your domestic issues will be re-solved. However you may have deal some disturbing information. However you will receive some support and understanding from your friends and colleagues. On 11th you may purchase something new for the house. You may feel that you have delivered your responsibilities to the fullest, but people may still be taking undue advantage of your generosity. On 12th and 13th you may be subjected to deception by your friends. Enemies and rivals may try to cause you much distress but because of this your prestige in social circles may improve. Be wary of social friends on 14th ad 15th. Not everyone is dealing with you having a good intention. You may also have a minor argument with someone. Yet you will be able to get your point across. From 16th to 18th, you may work with more efficiency and will accomplish your goals with ease. New sources of income will open up. If you are planning to attend any interviews you may succeed. On 19th and 20th you may feel religious and spend sometime in introspection. On 21st and 22nd, be careful of those whom you trust. Try not to trust anybody during this time. With all these worries and tensions your work schedule may get disturbed. Arguments and confrontations are very possible during this time period. O 24th, you will work hard ad sped money very liberally. You may also be very focused. This will help you achieve success in your efforts. On 25th ad 26th, you may find a welcome change your career/ profession. But your first priority will be on resolving all domestic issues. On 27th and 28th you may face hurdles in realization of money. You will be focused on your goals. You may also get a big contract. From 29th to 31st you may feel very hard-pressed. You may be the victim of a conspiracy. Stay guarded and perform your work with utmost caution.

Scorpio 2009 August Horoscope Astral Signo Horoscopo Escorpiao Zodiaco

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Scorpio August 2009 Monthly Astrology Horoscope
Scorpio, for the month of August, Moon is in 1st, Jupiter is in 3rd, Mars is in 7th, Venus is in 8th, Sun is in 9th, Mercury is in 10th in your natal chart. On 1st , any journeys that your undertake related to work or personal life will prove to be successful. Your hard work will be duly rewarded. You may also feel very confident. From 2nd to 6th, journeys related to profession may occur. You may also plan visit to a religious spot. Alternatively you may also use this time to relax and get he most of a spa or a resort. On 5th and 6th, you may create a new way to do an existing thing. Financially you may be strong during this period. On 7th try to be careful and avoid getting into any arguments. On 8th and 9th be cautious with your expenses. Try to avoid any investments in stocks during this period. Also if you have a habit of gambling, do not place any bets during this period. Senior members of the family will shower you their support. On 12th and 13th you may also recognize and use your hidden talents. Take all measures to avoid bad company during this time. You may receive an auspicious news this period.On 14th and 15th you may feel very patriotic. Friends and family may visit. From 16th to 18th , you may experience some health problems. Try not to overwork else you feel the burnt from exhaustion. On 19th and 20th, projects may not proceed as planned. But this is a good period for networking. On 21st and 22nd you may be happy to meet old friends. On 23rd you will deliver despite all things going against you. from 24th to 26th, you may have some misunderstandings with your spouse. On 27th and 28th you may walk the walk to achieve your objectives. On 29th and 30th health problems may arise. On 31st, improvement in finance conditions will give you mental peace.

Virgo August 2009 horoscope Astral Signo Horoscopo Zodiaco

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Virgo August 2009 Monthly Horoscope

Virgo, for the month of August, Moon is in 3rd, Jupiter is in 5th, Mars is in 9th, Venus is in 10th, Sun is in 11th, Mercury and Saturn are in 12th. On 1st, your professional luck will be very high. You may also be in the mindset to complete all projects effectively. From 2nd to 4th, try to stay away from any confrontations. Also put some thought into decision-making. Keep a check on your expenses. On 5th and 6th you may involve in closed-door meetings and prefer not to keep your agenda open. On 7th, you may receive a good news or a much awaited promotion. On 8th and 9th you may enjoy domestic bliss. Any family misunderstandings will be talked out and family peace will be restored. From 9th to 11th try to keep a check on your actions as there is a high possibility of stepping on your boss’s toe. From 12th to 13th, your creativity at work will be appreciated by everyone. On 14th and 15th your confidence level will be very high. From 16th to 18th, your sense of responsibility towards your family and country will be heightened. From 18th to 20th, you will witness progress in professional life. Those who are in business will experience more positive effects. From 21st to 22nd the time is not so great for financial decisions. On 23rd, you will spend time socializing. From 24th to 26th, you may devote time to networking and strengthening your relationships. On 27th and 28th for people in business this is a great time. From 29th to 31st stay away from other people’s affairs. Pay attention while you drive. Be careful with your finances.

Cancer August 2009 Horoscope Astral Signo Horoscopo Caranguejo Zodiaco

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Cancer August 2009 Monthly Horoscope

Cancer for the month of August Sun is in the 1st, Mercury is i 2ns, Saturn is in 2nd, Moon is in 5th, Jupiter is in 7th, Mars is in 11th, Venus is in 12th. On 1st, your health will be good and spirits will be high. Friends and colleagues may drop in. On 2nd and 3rd, any disputes may be settled in your favor. Your confidence level will be high and you may be surfing through good times. From 4th to 6th, you may a bit worried about financial matters. On 7th and 8th, Moon may create some difficult situations. Pay attention while you are on the road. On 8th and 9th try to avoid meddling with other people’s affairs otherwise you may end up getting hurt. On 10th and 11th, you may accomplish all your projects. Friends and colleagues will be supportive. On 12th and 13th you may receive pleasant news or start a new project. On 14th and 15th, you may feel very patriotic. On 16th and 17th money that is due to you may be held back. Trusted friends will betray you and this may cause some mental agony. From 18th to 20th, Moon transit through your sign will remove all problems. On 21st and 22nd, you may have a mixed bag of results. 23rd may be good for you professionally. On 24th, you may give more focus on family values. On 25th and 26th you may be worried due to family problems. On 27th and 28th, you may re-gain your hope and faith. On 29th and 30th, you may received expected results. On 31st you may have some worries related to an elderly family member.

Taurus August Horoscope 2009 Astral Signo Horoscopo Agosto Mensal

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Taurus August Monthly Horoscope 2009

Taurus, for the month of August your Mars is in 1st, Venus is in 2nd, Sun is in 3rd, Mercury is in 4th , Saturn is in 4th , moon is i 7th, Jupiter is in 9th. Taurus, your health will be glowing on the 1st. Friends and family will visit you. Between 2nd ad 4th, the Moon in 8th may prove quite worrisome. Unexpected events may occur, your competitors may overpower you. Your boss may also give you headaches. On 5th and 6th, money matters will be favorable to you. You will however be praised for your efficiency at work. Your prospects for promotion may also improve. On 7th, you may attend a function. Your fame and reputation will grow. On 8th and 9th wise decisions made will result in favorable outcomes. You may regain your confidence. You may however feel the need for privacy today. From 10th to 11th, your prospects for making money will improve. Projects will reach desirable outcomes. You may purchase new things for the house. From 12th to 13th money that is due to you will be returned. On 14th ad 15th to your surprise people will actually be seeking your approval on certain matters. From 16th to 18th, you may get the much needed metal peace. There may be mixed bag results. On 19th and 20th, you may receive good offers for business. From 21st to 22nd expect some arguments and clashes. Be wary of the motives of some. On 23rd the tide may turn favorable. Work hard and there are greater chances for you to win. From 24th to 26th, you may reflect on moral values. You may succeed in love related issues. Your creativity will be high. On 27th and 28th you may relax and enjoy a day at the spa. Your skin will be glowing. From 29th to 31st, you may receive some sad news about an elderly. Try to look at the optimistic side of life during this period. The only way to deal with the unpleasant periods in life is to think positive. Although this is easier said than done.

Aries August Horoscope 2009 Astral Signo Horoscopo Agosto Mensal

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Aries August Monthly Horoscope 2009
Aries, in the month of August, Mars is in 2nd, Venus is in 3rd, sun is in 4th , Mercury is in 5th, Saturn is in 5th, Moon is in 8th, Jupiter is in 10th. On August 1st, you will be dealing with conspiracies. During this period pay special attention to your health also. Moon in 8th will also be a reason for your worries. From 2nd to 4th, your mental focus will be high. So you will finish all your tasks despite hurdles. Your popularity will improve in the professional front. On 5th and 6th you will have some worries due to minor misunderstandings with your elders. But with your positive thinking you will be able to convert all or any ill feelings into opportunities. On 7th you will realize the fruits of your hard work. On 8th, your will have good opportunities to further your professional interests. From 9th to 11th, there will be some disappointments in your projects. But from 12th to 14th with Moon transiting through your sign you will be able to get everything back on track. On 15th, you will enjoy metal peace. On 16th, Moon in 3rd may bring your financial luck. New projects will keep you enthusiastic. From 18th to 20th you may have some health worries. From 21st to 22nd, your hard work will be recognized. You may also spend sometime reading a new subject. On 23rd, any property related worries will be solved. On 24th ad 25th you may enjoy a peaceful family atmosphere. From 26th to 28th, you may feel lonely without the company of your friends. From 29th till the ed of the month luck is on your side. You may also prepare to purchase a house or land.

Americal Idol Star: Paula Abdul, Forever Your Girl Straight Up | Celebrity Horoscopes

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Paula Abdul (born: June 19, 1962), of American Idol fame, is a Gemini-Cancer Cusp, a water tiger and a number 17 personality.

Water Tigers are very tranquil people who are considerate of other people’s feelings. They have a very strong sense of intuition, which helps them to make good judgment. They are however a bit indecisive and tend to wait a lot before they make the leap.

Being born on June 19th, Paula Abdul is a Gemini with Cancer tendencies. No wonder Paula’s style is astute, candid, perceptive, careful and moderate. The Gemini-cancer cusps place a lot of emphasis on being appealing. They like to be remembered for their beautiful appearance and are not satisfied with being ordinary. They like to be surrounded by friends and customary things. They also give this aura of walking the talk.

Being a number 17 person, Paula Abdul is is destined to be popular. 17 is a very hot and a powerful number of Saturn that receives the planet’s full influence. These personalities will not easily give up. They rarely get angry, but when provoked they become furious. They have a remarkable memory power, a good sense for business and a strong intuition.

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