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Sagittarius Subdivisions: Decanates of Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

The first Subdivision / Decanate of Sagittarius (0 degrees to 10 degrees)
From November 22nd to December 1st:
Ruler: Jupiter
Attributes: Pursuit of knowledge, high ideals, people-pleaser, believer in the freedom to express

The second Subdivision / Decanate of Sagittarius (10 degrees to 20 degrees)
From December 2nd to December 11th:
Ruler: Jupiter
Sub – Ruler: Mars
Attributes: Brave, takes life head on, influential, efficient, independent

The third Subdivision / Decanate of Sagittarius (20 degrees to 30 degrees)
From December 12th to December 21st:
Ruler: Jupiter
Sub – Ruler: Sun
Attributes: Intelligence, intuitive, deep, enjoys travelling, cultured, social

Sagittarius August 2009 Horoscope Astral Signo Horoscopo Escorpiao Zodiaco Sagitario

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Sagittarius August 2009 Monthly Horoscope
Sagittarius, for the month of August, Jupiter is in 2nd, Mars is in 6th, Venus is in 7th, Sun is in 8th, Mercury and Saturn are in 9th, Moon is in 12th. O 1st you may have to deal with some disappointments related to Moon’s transit in 12th. Projects that are reaching almost completion will be delayed for no reason. From 2nd to 4th take care of your health. You may feel a lack of energy. But your will have family peace. All projects will move forward. From 5th to 6th, you will have a mixed bag of problems and happiness. On 7th, any held up money will be returned to you. Friends and colleagues will be favorable to you. On 8th you have lady luck on your side. From 9th to 11th, your integrity will be questioned. Keep a cool head. from 12th to 13th your job will tire you out. From 14th to 15th, you will work hard to complete your obligations. From 16th to 17th, you may feel inclined to do some social work. A close relative’s health may cause some concern. The combination of Moon and Venus in 7th may cause some tensions and misunderstandings. From 18th to 20th, people may accuse you for things you have not done. Deal with these accusations with a cool head. Nothing lasts for ever. From 21st to 22d, team work will help move your projects forward. You may feel religiously inclined. On 23rd, you may get the support of your friends and colleagues to accomplish your task. On 24th ad 25th, all your career goals will gain momentum. You may also feel very enthusiastic towards your work and will be generally more cheerful. From 26th to 28th there may be some professional worries. At home you may get frustrated at some dysfunctional electronic gadgets. Be wary of some colleagues at work – their intentions may not be all that good towards you even though they may act very friendly. From 29th to 31st, the movement of Moon will give you some good results. You may in the mood to shop and decorate your home. Heart felt content will be reached with respect to certain projects.

Sagittarius July 2009 Free Vedic Indian Astrology Horoscope

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Sagittarius July 2009
Sagittarius, for the month of July Jupiter is in 3rd, Mars is in 5th, Venus is in 6th, Sun and Mercury are in 7th, Saturn is in 9th, Moon is in 11th. On 1st and 2nd opportunities for professional advancement will be available. Money inflow will also be good during this period. On 3rd and 4th, you may feel like things are taking longer than usual to progress. From 5th to 7th, your confidence level will be higher and you will feel encouraged to find a solution to all your problems. From 8th to 9th, you may received the help from senior family members to solve your issues. You also get the help from an outside person. From 11th to 12th, it may be a good period to focus on the projects at work. You also benefit by networking. From 13th to 15th it is not a great period for going forward with plans. 16th and 17th are ideal for studies related activities. You may also receive family support and may be in the mood to socialize. On 18th and 19th any past family tensions will also be resolved. On 20th and 21st you may get the complete support of your spouse. On 22nd and 23rd you may have deal with tensions related to other matters. You may find that life is not always a win-win deal. On 24th and 25th you will achieve something noteworthy. Your mental focus will be high and you will be able to achieve what you pursue. On 26th and 27th you will try on a new attitude towards life. On 29th held up money will be returned to you. On 30th and 31st you may feel very dull and lost.

2009 Yearly Horoscope SAGITTARIUS

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Sagittarius, Jupiter’s transit in 3rd opens new sources of income and may keep your energy level and drive optimal. You may start a new venture. Propose to the one and get committed. Between may and September Jupiter’s transit in 3rd may require you to work harder on any projects you undertake due to the obstacles resulting on the way. Both from health perspective and from the career point of you this may only be an okay year, you may have experienced better years. You will have to work hard and deal with the lack of recognition you may receive. There will be travels that need to be undertaken. There will be earnings but there will also be expenses. Saturn in 9th may cause obstacles in your earnings. Be cautious and careful in making decisions. There may be some health problems but nothing serious. Saturn’s transit in 10th may cause some problems in business. This year family peace and unity may also be affected as family members may not always be congenial. Parents’ health will be okay for the most part of this year except for some minor problems between October and December. In business or service unexpected troubles may arise. Your interactions with someone superior to you may not exactly be pleasant. Between January and September Saturn in 9th may cause obstacles in projects. Some difference of opinions with spouse is also seen. Be cautious and hang in there, things will get better.

Sagittarius is a fire sign with the ruling planet Jupiter. People born under this zodiac sign will be very intelligent with influential qualities.

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